Nov 14

In this episode I chat with my good mate Matt McCracken about the 1st Test against South Africa at the Gabba, which was a drawn result.

We discuss the main areas of play, the aspects of luck, the brilliant batting we witnessed, the no-ball concerns and a quick look at the Adelaide Test.


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Oct 11

In this episode I discuss the Australian ICC World T20 campaign with my mate Matt McCracken.


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Apr 05

I recently had a 15-minute exclusive interview with presenter, Anand Hira, of Radio LIVESPORT (New Zealand).

We chatted about the recently concluded West Indian ODI series, the spinner situation in Australian cricket, as well as West Indian cricket.

You can listen to more live sport coverage or exclusive features the Radio LIVESPORT website. Here is the direct URL to the interview at their website.


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Nov 18

This is going to be a work in progress but after being given the idea by Wes (Play for Country, Not for self Blog) I have decided to set up the Podbean profile as a trial version to see how doing some Podcasts, alongside the regular articles written at the blog, will engage the blog with fellow fanatics. It may also be an easier way for me to manage my personal life better with time management, while also finding another connection to reach the Baggy Green fanatics all over the world...even if only a handful will listen.

Long live cricket, long live the Baggy Greens!

As always, visit the Baggy Green Blog or follow us on Twitter.